Case Study : De Blob 2

  • Jan 14, 2019


THQ Games is a distributor of video games across major gaming platforms. THQ launched a game targeted towards children ages 5 - 12 years old, called de Blob 2.  They wanted to find a promotional product to drive sales at Toy's R Us and to use for media press events. The title is highly focused on colorful characters.



We developed a multitude of miniature figurines to play on the various colored characters within the game. There were single and triple character packs for both the good and evil characters, including a limited edition gold color figurine.  Toy's R Us advertised a gift with purchase campaign with the video game in the Sunday newspaper circular for the single packs. Media press events had the exclusive for the 3 packs to provide to key media outlets. 



•  Sales for the game at Toy's R Us were higher than initial projections

•  Delivered all elements early to Toy's R Us distribution facility

•  Press events provided great media coverage including both print and online

•  Europe tagged along the order and provided 3 pack sets to media outlets with similar media coverage as the North America




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